Bead mill specially designed double ,pressure balanced cartridge seals supplied in various sizes. The seals have been developed and designed with the help of the on site engineers and our design team.Over the period of 17 years Acumen have been working closely with the end user to produce a dedicated seal, that is fit for purpose. We have achieved great success in this field. We have designed several sizes from 25mm unto 95mm. The seals are supplied with hard face materials inboard and outboard. We also supply a thermosyphon system dedicated to these seals. Call 07767 842601/

new beadmill gemini before new seals beadmill seal 60mm

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Andrew Sykes is the managing director of Acumen seals and Pumps Limited, he has installed many different type of seals throughout his 25 years in the industry. As a seal manufacturer I am bound by a number of regulations and standards which Acumen maintains in all the products supplied. To contact Andrew direct please use

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