All our employees attend full seal technical training, with an ongoing commitment to further internal teaching.
It is the Acumen Policy to invest in its employees. The high customer satisfactions are proof of this investment success.

In addition to this, and also in response to the requests of certain Blue Chip and even small independent customers, Acumen offer standard and full tailored training course on specifying, designing, installing, maintaining and monitoring of mechanical seals and support systems.

Upon completion of the course all company attendees will be tested and upon successful completion obtain certification.

We are happy to supply courses and help with training for your company. We are a franchise looking out for distributors.

Course Details

Experience Requirements

The Company candidate must have 3 months on-site experience. This course will provide 7 hours of formal mechanical seal training with a 30 minute exam to confirm understanding of the course materials.

Capabilities of Individuals after being trained By Acumen:

The individual should be able to:

·         Identify the majority of seal configurations

·         Describe how a mechanical seal works

·         Describe the limitations of mechanical seals

·         Identify and describe the operation and application of dual mechanical seals

·         Identify and describe a wide variety of mechanical seal failures and their causes

·         Identify and describe preventative, predictive, and proactive pumping system practices

·         Identify and describe common seal face materials

·         Describe effects of seal balancing

Please contact our sales department for full details on (+44) 07767 842601

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